Who We Serve

Southwest Ohio Attorneys

Our law firm understands that you are here because of circumstances out of your control. Whether you are a victim of unattainable demands made by a mortgage company, a victim of difficult economic times,  or you are in need of planning services, an attorney at Dever Legal can help you through this complex and emotional time. Our lawyesr know the legal options that can address your situation and will find the best option for you.

At our law firm, Dever Law Firm, we understand that no two cases are resolved in the same way. That is why our philosophy involves exploring all the possibilities for your legal matter. We use negotiation and litigation to tailor our solutions to our clients' unique situations. Whether you are located in Cincinnati, West Chester, Mason, Loveland, or Middletown we can help; we serve clients throughout southwest Ohio. Contact a Greater Cincinnati lawyer by calling 877-464-5297.

Unique Personalized Client Services

Our services are unlike any other law firm in the area. Our legal professionals educate our clients about the laws that can help them. We understand that knowledge is power, and we want our clients to be empowered with the information that can change their lives.

As a law firm, we embrace technology as a tool to share information with our clients. We are particularly skilled in the area of attorney-client communication. We have effective online methods available to:

  • Schedule appointments
  • Check the status of your legal matter
  • Ask questions
  • Request support or help on a document
  • Post a note about your case

Services Crafted for the Circumstances

We understand that at times it is best for your case when your attorney is aggressive and at times the best outcome is obtained through patience and respect. We use whatever tactic is in our clients' best interests. Our ultimate objective is obtaining your goal, and we will use whatever method we need to, within the confines of the law, to obtain that result.