Dissolution of Marriage

Dissolution: The Only Alternative to Divorce

When you and your spouse are considering divorce but are worried about the expense and time involved in the process, you have DO have a choice. If you and your spouse are able to agree ahead of time on all of the major issues involved, marriage dissolution is an available option that will help you move on with your life in a more efficient and emotionally healthy way.

At the Dever Law Firm, our attorneys will explain the process of dissolution and help you decide if an uncontested divorce or dissolution of marriage is right for you. Located in West Chester, Ohio, our lawyers and staff have the experience to answer your questions, address your concerns and ensure that your rights are fully protected during the entire process.

Benefits of Marriage Dissolution vs. Divorce

The main difference between a dissolution of marriage and a divorce is that the litigation part of a divorce is removed. Any and all issues such as debts, real estate, cproshild custody, child support, spousal support and personal property division - are determined ahead of time. When both you and your spouse can agree, neither you nor your spouse will waste your time or hard earned income in bitter disputes in the courtroom.

When you can agree about these issues, there are many benefits to pursuing dissolution instead of filing for divorce. These benefits include lower costs, the complete power to control the outcome of your case and a fast process, often in less than 45 days.

As your attorneys, we will review your agreement, ensure that your best interests are protected, and file everything with the court on your behalf.

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If you can agree, the advantages include:

1) No Court

We can schedule a retired judge to come into our office and provide a private final hearing at your convenience

2) Fast

Your case is done in 45 Days Start to finish.

3) Flat Rate

As long as you agre, one flat rate, no additional hourly fees.

4) Easy

Ending your marriage is easy when you and your spouse agree to all of the terms and conditions before filing. The court will adopt your agreement instead of issuing its own decision.

5) Private

No one needs to know you divorced.

During your consultation with our office, an attorney will sit down with you and discuss your dissolution options and answer your questions.

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