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We are a different type of firm because we realize that knowledge is power. At Dever Law Firm, our goal is to provide our clients with an insight to the process of the law. In my experience, the greatest hurdle in anything related to the law, is overcoming the natural misconceptions we all have. So, I wanted our customers to directly contribute to the value of their legal experience.

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To achieve this, we decided to allow, you, the client to access your information and provide feedback anytime, anywhere. Our e-4CP was added and we shifted the firm to a virtual model. This was a logical decision to make because it added value to the services we provide, made positive changes in the lifestyles of our staff, but most of all, empowered our customers to contribute to their entrusted legal matter in real time.

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The new platform incorporates online processes for our customers. Now, you can make appointments, check the status of your legal matter, ask questions, request support or help on a document, post a note, schedule appointments and more. Not to worry, I have not forgotten about those that need the face-to-face, private and confidential experience. In fact, our state of the art facility in West Chester, Ohio is open to serve the community and our clients around the State.

We are proud of the work done by the many to make this change a reality. We can tackle your legal problems and offer you the service you deserve while making you an integral part of the process.

What We Do...

We divide our legal practice into Foreclosure Defense and Debt Restructuring, divorce and dissolution, criminal defense, and civil trial work.

In our Foreclosure Defense and Debt Restructuring Practice, we coin ourselves as "a different kind of law firm" because Dever Law firm breaks the traditional law firm mold. Clients or potential clients can speak to a professional foreclosure paralegal from 9:00AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday free of charge and can schedule a no cost consultation with an attorney. Clients also receive a free assessment because we want to make sure we can help before we take you on as a client. We take these steps, because we understand that families enduring a foreclosure have limited funds, and we charge no upfront retainer fees for our foreclosure defense clients. Our job is to solve your problem, not make it worse.

Our typical family law client is someone who fears significant financial, professional, and personal loss as a result of a divorce and is looking for a fast and efficient way of terminating the marriage without expensive litigation. Dever Law Firm unique services that eliminate the need for you to take time off from work. No Court, 45 days, fixed fees, are just a few more examples of why we are a "different kind of law firm."

In our criminal defense practice, our typical client is a person facing significant career and professional implications as a result of arrest or indictment. If you are a Service Member or an individual with license or security clearance, we understand the importance of solving your legal matter in quick and proper manner.

For more information about our practice, or to speak with one of our attorneys, contact us today at (513) 823-2112 or Toll Free at (877) 464-5297.

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